posted on 12/7/22

The Marion County Development Commission (MCDC) announced today that nominations are being accepted to honor 10 young professionals in the Red Rock Area.   The purpose of these annual awards is to highlight the impact young adults are making in our communities, encourage young adults to become involved as volunteers and highlight the benefits for young adults to live and work in Marion County.

“Our young professionals provide great contributions to our communities and companies in the county,” stated Carla Eysink, MCDC Executive Director.  “The Marion County Development Commission works to promote the Red Rock Area and these awards will be used to showcase how young professionals impact our communities and companies as mentors.  We want to tell the stories of how our communities make great places for young adults to develop leadership skills.”  Companies and organizations are encouraged to nominate individuals from around the county and from various occupations.

Nominees must live and work in Marion County, Iowa and be between the ages of 18 to 40 on December 1, 2023.  Nominations are being accepted until January 31, 2024.   Questions, contact the MCDC at

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