posted on 4/26/23

We know you've see the dirt moving!

Both the Veterans District Phase 1 infrastructure project and the Veterans Park project are well underway. The Phase 1 project consists of all infrastructure (streets, sanitary & storm sewer, water, etc.) for development. This will create a subdivision of 34 residential lots. It's the City's plan to have the lots be available for purchase in mid-May with possession taking place once infrastructure is completed in September of this year!

In purchasing one of these 34 lots not only will residents be a part of Knoxville's newest residential development, but they will also be building next to the community's newest and largest park!

Veterans Park will consist of both passive and active play areas. These passive areas surrounding the park will encompass the large mature trees that were once a part of the former campus, bench seating and walkable sidewalk and trails. The active area will be home to unique play structures as well as Knoxville's first splash pad! The City is excited to bring this play feature to the community as it's been in the works for some time.

Connectivity to the development and park is an key aspect to this project. To accomplish this, the City will be completing the next phase of Competine Trail. This phase of trail will pick up at Randy Wilson Track and move along Willets Drive, down West Pleasant to a safe crossing where you'll enter Veterans Park. As you move along Veterans Park the trail will continue East up to Young's Park.

As we look to the future development of Knoxville this area is a pinnacle part of that. We're excited to be moving forward to bring new housing and quality of life features to the Knoxville community!

To find out more about this development or if you're interested in purchasing a lot please reach out to Glenn Lyons, Knoxville Economic Development Director or Heather Ussery, City Manager for more information!  Knoxville Website 


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