What word best describes you?

Production Manager II/Owner/Reserve Police Officer
* at time of recognition

Pella Corporation/Bingham Cooperative/City of Pleasantville
* at time of recognition

Lives In

City of Pleasantville Parks & Rec Committee
Pleasantville Parks & Rec Volunteer Coach
Pleasantville Fire & EMS Member

Working in Marion County
My commute is easy! But on a more serious note, the people are the best part. Everybody knows everybody and is from a similar small community with close knit ties. IF tragedy strikes, you know your co-workers and community will band together to help each other out.

Living in Marion County
Marion County is a one stop shop. There is a variety of work, housing and entertainment options throughout the county to meet all your needs. Personally, the small community of Pleasantville paired with the easy commute to Pella was very attractive to us.

Favorite Place to Relax
My favorite place to hang out is in a buddy’s garage. Pleasantville is lucky to have the Checkerboard Restaurant, Smokey Row Coffee Co. and Frosty’s Pub & Grub as great places to hang with friends, with or without kids.

Career Opportunities
Marion County is very lucky in the diversity of employment that provides tons of growth opportunities and career advancement. Personnally, I entered the workforce right out of high school, not knowing what I wanted to do long term. I worked hard and grasped any opportunity that was thrown my way. Once I was introduced to a leadership role, I quickly realized the opportunities that were available.

Career Advice to Teens
If you treat people with respect and work hard, the sky’s the limit. Make good financial decisions early, because you are never too young to start investing.

Class of 2019

Jason Bingham
Production Manager II/Owner/Reserve Police Officer
Pella Corporation/Bingham Cooperative/City of Pleasantville
Tyler Christian
Marion County Engineer
Marion County
Brent Gaulke
Vice President-IT & Operations Manager
Marion County Bank
Dan Huitink
Deputy General Counsel
Vermeer Corporation
Mary Mansfield
Licensed Realtor-Property Manager
Home Realty
Josie McKay
Owner/Photographer, designer/Real Estate Agent
Self-Random Tees/Treasured Portraits/Summit Realty
Tyler Pearson
K-5 Technology Integrationist
Knoxville Community School District
Cathy Struecker
Owner/Yoga & Wellness Professional
Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio
Kris Van Gent
Owner-Lead BIke Advocate
Iowa Bike Co.
Hannah Vander Veer
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce