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Knoxville Chamber of Commerce
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Lives In

High School: Knoxville, IA
College: Central College-Pella, IA

Knoxville Young Professionals
Knoxville Vote YES Committee
Knoxville Leadership Academy
Leadership Red Rock

Working in Marion County
It is not hard to get plugged in. If you like what someone is doing or want to be involved, all you have to do is ask and you are in.

Living in Marion County
The simplicity of it all - no commuting, little traffic, open spaces, welcoming people, a good balance of working and living. You can real- ly have it all.

Favorite Place to Relax
In the summertime my husband and I spend a lot of our time boating on the Des Moines River. I enjoy being outside amongst our beautiful scenery around the river and lake. With friends, we will usually grab a bite to eat then have a drink at Peace Tree Brewing Company or Atlantic and Pacific Pub.

Career Opportunities
I have found that if you really want an opportunity, there are many people in Marion County that will act as resources to help you achieve it. If the opportunity is not even there yet, the same people will help you create it.

Career Advice to Teens
It is okay to change your mind and go in a different direction. If you start one thing and it is not what you expected, try something new. If you have a dream to open a new business, talk to the right people, make a plan, then go do it. To make an impact, you have to be following your passion.

Class of 2019

Jason Bingham
Production Manager II/Owner/Reserve Police Officer
Pella Corporation/Bingham Cooperative/City of Pleasantville
Tyler Christian
Marion County Engineer
Marion County
Brent Gaulke
Vice President-IT & Operations Manager
Marion County Bank
Dan Huitink
Deputy General Counsel
Vermeer Corporation
Mary Mansfield
Licensed Realtor-Property Manager
Home Realty
Josie McKay
Owner/Photographer, designer/Real Estate Agent
Self-Random Tees/Treasured Portraits/Summit Realty
Tyler Pearson
K-5 Technology Integrationist
Knoxville Community School District
Cathy Struecker
Owner/Yoga & Wellness Professional
Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio
Kris Van Gent
Owner-Lead BIke Advocate
Iowa Bike Co.
Hannah Vander Veer
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce