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Owner-Lead BIke Advocate
* at time of recognition

Iowa Bike Co.
* at time of recognition

Lives In

High School: Sheldon, IA
College: Central College-Pella, IA

Red Rock Area Mountain Bike Association
Pella Cycling Club
Third Church

Working in Marion County
The people are the best part of working in Marion County. Marion County has a thriving local economy because its innovative business owners who go the extra mile and supportive local citizens.

Living in Marion County
A combination of the successful small businesses, the low cost-of-living and the relationships you build through community involve- ment--whether that be through work, volunteering, church or the regulars at the local coffee shops each morning.

Favorite Place to Relax
North Overlook Mountain Bike Trails near Lake Red Rock (Check them out on the Trailforks smartphone app) and the Peanut Pub in Pella.

Career Opportunities
The options for young professional are grea and getting better--organized Young Professional associations, mentoring, local seminars and several planned networking events to build relationships. In Marion County, young professionals can use their skills in a variety of different industries from manufacturing to professional services or entrepreneurship. Skills honed or built in one industry can be applied to the next industry or position without leaving your company or county.

Career Advice to Teens
Jump right into work experiences in the field that interests you. Learn by doing, failing, and taking chances while you are still rela- tively responsibility free. If you do this, you will find your passions, dislikes and opportunities much earlier than most.

Class of 2019

Jason Bingham
Production Manager II/Owner/Reserve Police Officer
Pella Corporation/Bingham Cooperative/City of Pleasantville
Tyler Christian
Marion County Engineer
Marion County
Brent Gaulke
Vice President-IT & Operations Manager
Marion County Bank
Dan Huitink
Deputy General Counsel
Vermeer Corporation
Mary Mansfield
Licensed Realtor-Property Manager
Home Realty
Josie McKay
Owner/Photographer, designer/Real Estate Agent
Self-Random Tees/Treasured Portraits/Summit Realty
Tyler Pearson
K-5 Technology Integrationist
Knoxville Community School District
Cathy Struecker
Owner/Yoga & Wellness Professional
Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio
Kris Van Gent
Owner-Lead BIke Advocate
Iowa Bike Co.
Hannah Vander Veer
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce