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Director of Quality, Compliance & Privacy Officer
* at time of recognition

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics
* at time of recognition

Lives In

High School: Knoxville, IA
University: Grandview University
Other: Certified Professional in Health Quality from National Assoc for Healthcare Quality

Stepping Stones Early Learning Center
Thrive Knoxville
Girl Scouts
Iowa Assoc. for Healthcare Quality

Working in Marion County
I am proud that I am contributing to the betterment of the Knoxville community by the work I do at the hospital promoting quality, integrity, and privacy. Serving on volunteer boards allows me to make decisions to improve the lives of my fellow community mem- bers and promote growth and positive change within our town. I appreciate how easy it is to network with fellow young professionals and seek out guidance from mentors within my community.

Living in Marion County
Marion County is a safe place to raise a family and the cost of living is low. This contributes to an optimal environment for having a healthy family life, as well as a career. As a mother, I don’t feel that I must choose between my career and my family. I feel that Knox- ville is striving for improvement and I’m excited for what the future holds for my community.

Career Advice to Teens
Know that there are careers in healthcare that do not require patient care! There are more and more undergraduate programs focus- ing on healthcare administration popping up around the state. Reach out to your local community healthcare providers (hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, etc.) and ask about opportunities to volunteer. Lastly, don’t underestimate the relationships you make in your hometown before you graduate. They could very well be the thing that bring you back and help get your foot in the door in the future.

Class of 2018

Reed Evans
Financial Advisor
Main Street Advisory Group/Marion County Bank
Brian Hatch
2nd Assistant to the Engineer/Mayor
Marion County Engineer Dept./City of Knoxville
Janae Jenison
Director of External Engagement
Central College
Ben Shaw
Kone Korner
Elly Shaw
Director of Quality, Compliance & Privacy Officer
Knoxville Hospital & Clinics
Liz Sporrer
Corporate Communications Manager
Vermeer Corporation
Dr. Maggie Wilson
Knoxville Veterinary Clinic
Lucas Young
Business & Sales Manager
De Vore Homes
Eden Youngberg
Director, Advancement & Marketing
The Well