What word best describes you?

Business & Sales Manager
* at time of recognition

De Vore Homes
* at time of recognition

Lives In

High School: Knoxville, IA
University: Iowa State University

Young Professionals of Knoxville
Knoxville Planning & Zoning Commission
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

Working in Marion County
The best part of working in Marion County is that I get to work with great people.

Living in Marion County
Knoxville offers all of the amenities and charm that make small town living the best.

Career Advice to Teens
There is a lot of opportunity in construction related fields. The demand for quality skilled tradespersons will continue to be strong as baby-boomers retire and sell their businesses.

Class of 2018

Reed Evans
Financial Advisor
Main Street Advisory Group/Marion County Bank
Brian Hatch
2nd Assistant to the Engineer/Mayor
Marion County Engineer Dept./City of Knoxville
Janae Jenison
Director of External Engagement
Central College
Ben Shaw
Kone Korner
Elly Shaw
Director of Quality, Compliance & Privacy Officer
Knoxville Hospital & Clinics
Liz Sporrer
Corporate Communications Manager
Vermeer Corporation
Dr. Maggie Wilson
Knoxville Veterinary Clinic
Lucas Young
Business & Sales Manager
De Vore Homes
Eden Youngberg
Director, Advancement & Marketing
The Well